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2016 Annual Sports Meet of Central Police University

publish date : 2016-12-12

"CPU 35th Sports Day” was held on November 17th and 18th, 2016. The opening ceremony was held by our guest, Minister Jiunn-rong Yeh in the morning of November 18th. Everyone fully showed their vitality and creativity while marching into the sports field. Themes such as Kochikame, Kung-fu panda, Ip-man, Spirited away, Alice in Wonderland, and Yu-Gi-Oh were performed respectively. These different themes not only created a relaxing and spirited carnival atmosphere, but also showed their ambition of winning the championship.

The Minister felt that it is remarkable to see our students using creativity and clever mind to show different styles. In addition, CPU students are efficient in both brainy and brawny activities and could also be well versed in both static and dynamic activities. He also gave his encouragement to students who have won 1 silver and 2 bronze medals in the “National College Athletics Open”, and those who have won 4 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze medals in the National Universiade Sport Game this year. Among which, in 2 events of the swimming competition, 1 student broke his own record and the other broke the school record which was kept by the senior. Additionally, in the judo and shooting competition, students also won 1 championship in group competition and 2 runner-ups in group competition.

Minister Yeh also especially applauded our school’s ability in holding international academic activities and the academic strength showed by our school’s faculties. It has shown the outstanding dedication of fostering security cadres of CPU for such a long time. He also hoped that students can “go back to the most fundamental humanity” while facing the severe environment of society. Not only should we maintain the order, but also to keep a clean, pure, sincere attitude after becoming a public-oriented police officer.

After the opening ceremony, the Minister led CPU faculties to run 800 meters around the sports field in the hope that students can have more progress on the studies and do more exercises. Next, the championship competition of tug of war was started as the Minister fired the shot, which gave a lot of morale to the two-year college of technology and the undergraduate students. The championship was won by the two-year college of technology students; it is also the third consecutive championship for them. Lastly, the Minister also participated in the carnival game, which made the whole faculties to have a great time.

This year, the CPU Alumni Association again provided NT$100,000 as sports day’s prize in the aim of encouraging sportsman to create good results. The prize was awarded by the vice president to the winners in the afternoon. After the competitive and exciting one-and-half day event, the senior students of Wang Yan Jun and He Guo Zhong, junior student of Su Wan Ling, sophomore students of Xu Yi Ting, Lai He Jie, Yang Yuan Shun all won two gold medals in the individual competition. The Center of Extension Education this year also had outstanding performance. Students showed their results of practices and won two silver medals, one bronze medal, and a runner-up prize in girl field events. Graduate students also won one gold, one silver, five bronze medals and third place in the male 400 meters relay race.

This year’s competition was pretty exciting and every unit’s points were equally matched, which was difficult to tell who would win the championship until the end. The championship was awarded to the sophomore, the junior was awarded the principal prize and the freshman was awarded the best service prize. Special thanks were given to the national referee team led by Mr. Liu Fu Xiong, secretary of New Taipei City Sports Association, who helped us with their fair judges in two consecutive days. All units had obeyed the referees and acted upon the sportsmanship. Each event was closed successfully in the afternoon of the 18th, which left the faculties with infinite sensations and memories.

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