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The 5th Forum for Advanced Fire Education/Research in Asia 2016

publish date : 2016-12-29

This year is the 80th anniversary of Central Police University (CPU). “The 5th Forum for Advanced Fire Education/Research in Asia” was held in the new “Investigative and Forensic Technology Building” and hosted by the president Chien-sheng Tiao, which was cooperated especially with the Society of Fire Protection Engineers Taiwan Chapter (SFPE-Taiwan Chapter) on November 3rd, 2016. It was the first time forum was hosted in Taiwan. The conference goal is to share and discuss about the latest fire education/training strategies regarding researches of fire engineers in the hope of improving fire administration and research level of each country.

Those who participated in the forum include the Minister of the Ministry of the Interior, Jiunn-rong Yeh, Professor Makoto Tsujimoto of the Department of international fire science and technology of Tokyo University of Science, technical director of Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Chris Jelenwicz, world-famous fire expert, Ai Sekizawa and professor Wan-ki Chow. Additionally, attendances included faculty and experts from Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Vietnam, Bengal, Hong Kong and Macao.

Minister Yeh, welcomed the dignitaries and emphasized how the fire science is related to the publics in his conference speech. Not only the disaster rescue or prevention, but also fire science is directly connected to human life and property safety, therefore, each country took the execution of fire science seriously. As the fire science engineering technology and adaptation to disaster prevention or rescue improved rapidly, therefore fire science education and practical anti-fire engineer research became important mission for the government. The Forum also provided the opportunity to promote the advanced fire science education/research level and international prestige of Taiwan by hosting this event and exchanging opinions with international fire science academics and experts. At last, to establish the communication channel of fire science experts between Taiwan and each country, and to improve our partnership in the issue of international disaster rescue in order to guarantee the safety of life and property.

The topics included “fire education and training”, “fire prevention engineer”, “fire safety assessment” and “synthesis issues”, and the presentation and poster sessions. Minister of National Fire Administration, Wen-Long Chen was also invited to address a speech with the topic of “Taiwan fire education and training.” Besides, technical director of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers Chris gave a speech on “fire engineers proficiency exam”, professor Wan-ki Chow presented the advanced fire education and research in Hong Kong, Japanese professor Makoto Tsujimoto presented advanced fire education and research of Tokyo University of Science, professor Wen-shien Jien presented the history and results of fire safety design of Taiwan long highway tunnel. In addition, there were many authors and experts from Taiwan, Korea, Bengal and Vietnam discussing issues from the realistic and academic aspects. As for the poster session, those authors are students from Tokyo University of Science Japan.

By discussing and exchanging research results, it helps to enhance international disaster prevention and promote the promote the fire education and research of related issues in Taiwan. Since the forum was held in Central Police University, which provided CPU an opportunity to demonstrate the professional training capabilities and the educational achievements.

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