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Extended Education Training Center

Set up by:

This Center as designated by the Organization of the Ordinance, as set forth in article 3, paragraph 1 to the provisions of section 9, dealing a serving police officer on-the-job training, study and postgraduate education matters; and train staff in governmental public safety training non-governmental forces. At present this Center to handle the task of the police, fire, coastguard officers on-the-job training, study and postgraduate education matters; and the competent authority should be the business of trained security professionals, among the common folk manpower training.  


The various ministries:

Each class period education training programme drawn up, curriculum planning and liaison coordination, these teachers, student registration and enrollment management, schedule, teaching materials prepared, teachers receive, hourly fee for issuance, the test planning and execution, curriculum survey analysis, research or graduation paper processing, computing and CERT issuance, verification, and other matters related to the student financial services, life management, guidance counseling. Student recreation, extra-curricular activities, and middle school students, visits to cooperate and implementation issues. In the light of the practice unit demand and tie in with the arsenal major changes, the timely seminars or specialized training.  


The medium and long term plans:

Integration with existing teaching media resources, uphold the spirit of service to the idea of "humanization" enthusiasm of caring for the applicants, and expanded educational software and hardware equipment (Shi), to improve the teaching quality, improving the learning environment. Provide you with a wide range of training and further education, and development of long-range air teaching. Coordination of the national police administration to set up a "training and curriculum planning, bastion organizational learning plans to expand the promotion of education and professional training. Establish a blueprint for lifelong learning, continuing to promote education to enhance further the professional functions. To assist the civilian public security education and training for the minli extension as police forces, to achieve the ideal combination of the police.  


Continuing education:

Commissioned workshops: recruitment of competent commissioned by the first officer, training period of four to eight months. Professional workshops: according to police business requirements, training for serving officers enforce a to around in-service professional training. Includes administrative, criminal, security, transportation, economy, protect against, inspectors and personnel, the fire services, Foreign Affairs, information, regulations, and other workshops.  


Postgraduate education:

Police are workshops: selection with police are second-order position of the Institute, the eligibility period restaurant in months. The IPCC workshop on: the sponsor of the police are first-order or make any level who promoted the IPCC position of learning before, during the restaurant months. Advanced arsenal of ban: selection serving senior made it to the development of advanced education of police officers.


The promotion of education:

Credit courses: in collaboration with various Institute offering master's credit course. Delegate train: the acceptance of the civil service training Institute, the Coastguard Department, Fire Services Department and other entities organize related training.


Hardware facilities:

This Centre, located in the building of police light into the gate of the left, at 83 years 12 month to ground floor, ground and four floors with a total area of more ping, always accommodate students 250 people. Downstairs: a KTV lounge, reading room, snooker, pool area, the Community area, gym, warehouse. First floor: Office 3 room (101, 105 and 108 rooms), VIP reception room, the IPCC classroom (103), two-room Theater (102, 106 rooms), the computer classroom (107). Second floor: social room 1 rooms, classrooms and the IPCC class 4 bedroom 14 can accommodate students 28 people. Third floor: the VIP lounge, bedroom 2 rooms, team, staff and students in dormitories 12 can accommodate students 72 people. The fourth floor: all student dormitory 25, which can accommodate up to 150 participants.


Leisure arrangements:

Students outside school hours by the Center's birthday party, a karaoke singing contests, various ball simulation game, contest, and film, cultural and recreational activities, participants in the rest of more reach Tao treatment character, spiritual transformation, the training body. Through the identification of the competition and off-campus visits, participants held a brotherhood of bittersweet.